Zendaya is rumored to replace Gal Gadot in ‘Cleopatra’ film directed by Denis Villeneuve

Could Zendaya be the new Cleopatra? Learn about the rumored casting choice to replace Gal Gadot in Denis Villeneuve's upcoming film.

Gal Gadot would no longer be in ‘Cleopatra,’ but Zendaya would be the strongest bet to star in the new film about the last ruler of Egypt.

A rumor suggests that Gal Gadot will be out of the project of the film ‘Cleopatra’ that it was announced a few years ago that she would star.

With this, the film ‘Cleopatra’ would add another exit.

Since mid-2023, director Patty Jenkins, with whom Gadot has worked on the DC heroine franchise, left the production.

Gal Gadot
Gal Gadot (@gal_gadot).

At the time, Patty Jenkins intended to focus on the Wonder Woman sequel and a Star Wars movie, but those productions presented problems.

Canadian filmmaker Kari Skogland had been chosen to direct ‘Cleopatra’, but everything seems to indicate that things will change again in the direction and cast.

With Zendaya as the new leading lady.

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Zendaya, Hollywood actress. (DAVID SWANSON / EFE)

Zendaya to replace Gal Gadot in ‘Cleopatra’ movie.

Jeff Sneider of the Hot Mic podcast revealed that Zendaya is the number one candidate to play Cleopatra in a film to be directed by filmmaker Denis Villeneuve.

Zendaya and Denis Villeneuve already know each other after working on the 2021 Dune adaptation, where the actress appeared alongside Timothée Chalamet.

This still has to be treated as a rumor because Sneider acknowledges that the production of ‘Cleopatra is in a “development hell.”

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A term refers to a project “that remains in development for a particularly long time before it progresses to production, if ever.”

Zendaya (Instagram Zendaya)

‘Cleopatra’ with Zendaya instead of Gal Gadot could arrive before the Dune sequel.

According to reported information, ‘Cleopatra’ with Zendaya instead of Gal Gadot could arrive before Denis Villeneuve’s upcoming Dune sequel.

For several years, Denis Villeneuve has wanted to make a Cleopatra film.

In that sense, the Canadian director told the media TVA in 2021 that he hoped that would be his next work, before or after the Dune sequel.

Of course, there is the sequel to Dune, which I hope to have the opportunity to shoot eventually. But I also have a historical film project on the life of Cleopatra. This project is in the works and I’m very excited about it. I hope to be able to bring it to the screen before or after filming the second part of Dune.

Denis Villeneuve
Zendaya (@zendaya/Instagram).

However, we will have to wait for more details about the cast and the beginning of the shooting of this film.

Denis Villeneuve’s ‘Cleopatra’ would be the first blockbuster about the famous Egyptian queen since 1963.

When the film starred Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton and was directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz.

For Zendaya, it would add another important role to her great career, where she has shined in TV series such as Euphoria.