Zendaya surprises with an incredible photo shoot for Valentino

A few years ago the actress and singer Zendaya debuted in the ranks of Disneywhere he participated in a couple of emblematic series, Shake it up and KC Undercover, in addition to having starred in some films for the production company.

Eventually, his career took a leap from teenage characters to more adult roles, succeeding with his talent, versatility, charisma and great screen presence.

He has found success more recently for his role as MJ in the Spiderman movies, the Marvel universe in the cinema, the Dune tape or his leading role in the HBO series Euphoria, to name a few.

Activist, defender of good causes and with an impeccable fashion style, everything comes together in the new campaign that she stars in and with which she collaborates with the fashion house Valentino, which has been one of the greatest exponents in what refers to the Barbiecore fashion, Barbie pink, that is, that intense, striking, vibrant, feminine, flirtatious and sensational bubblegum pink.

Zendaya in photo shoot for Valentino

Zendaya surprises with an incredible photo shoot for Valentino

Valentino has been, more than other fashion brands, the one who has taken pink as the standard for its 2022 collection and we have seen it shine on the red carpet and the catwalks practically all year. Now, she joins Zendaya for a campaign that is very pink, very empowering and reflects on beauty, rebellion and being true to ourselves.

The writer Douglas Coupland, a Canadian playwright and visual artist, also participates. Both the merchandise and the advertising campaign are thus filled with introspective messages about breaking the mold and facing challenges, information overload and the digital age.

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Valentino pink campaign

Zendaya surprises with an incredible photo shoot for Valentino

“Beauty has become an act of rebellion.” “I miss my pre-internet brain.” “We all have a secret hidden inside us.” “My brain feels like a refrigerator magnet for poetry.”

These are the phrases that are shared, not only on merchandise material, t-shirts and sweatshirts, for example, but on posters that have been plastered along the streets of New York. The campaign is officially launched on September 13 and for it, there is already a clip.

In the image, we see Zendaya on a swing, wearing a beautiful dress in pink, with sheer fabric on the drape, for a dreamy touch. His hair loose, wavy and an attitude of freedom that invites you to be like that, purposeful.

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