Zendaya without a bra and shiny coat shines at the Valentino parade

Zendaya is a beautiful actress known internationally who not long ago revealed with her wardrobe on social networks an important clue of what we would see this week at the spring-summer 2023 Loewe fashion show, an appointment that she finally could not attend.

That’s why after her fans thought that the artist would not be present at the latest edition of Paris Fashion Week that brings together dozens of familiar faces, today she has been seen by surprise to witness in the front row the novelties of her dear friend Pierpaolo Piccioli, creative director of Valentino.

It seems that the beautiful Zendaya not only went to support the Italian designer, who dresses her for the most important occasions, but she also made everyone fall in love with her mind-blowing sparkling style that many want to imitate.

Zendaya and her daring Valentino outfit

Zendaya Zendaya and her daring Valentino outfit

This time Zedaya has had the best winning choice, the same one that won the coveted title of Fashion Icon last year, a very daring but at the same time delicate outfit that recovers one of the star trends that marked the eighties.

It turns out that sheathed in a hilarious transparent jumpsuit tight to her body as if it were a second skin, it is a piece bathed in the letter ‘V’ Valentino in black and inverted that gets a print of the most innovative and photogenic that does not go unnoticed before our eyes.

As if that wasn’t enough, Zendaya hasn’t limited herself to simply wearing this type of outfit that music divas like Dua Lipa, Jennifer Lopez, and Britney Spears love to wear on stage.

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Zendaya and her daring Valentino outfit

To create a more glamorous and stunning look, she needed the help of her fairy godmother, Law Roach – Hollywood’s favorite stylist – and they added an elegant oversize jacket with the same pattern of small dark sequins and a pair of suit shorts that followed the dynamic.

It is worth noting that this most striking ensemble that looks sensational promises to be one of the most beautiful that the beautiful actress Zendaya has worn this season since, in addition to having achieved an ideal balance between the garments, she has also achieved it with a makeup focused on dark eye shadows and lips with that coveted gloss modern effect.