Zidane among the candidates: Manchester United seeks a replacement for Solskjaer due to poor results

Zidane among the candidates: Manchester United seeks a replacement for Solskjaer due to poor results

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at the helm of Manchester United

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Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer could have his days numbered at the helm of Manchester United. After another important defeat, this time against Manchester City in the city derby, the ‘network’ board would already be exploring other options for the technical direction.

Manchester United owners they disbursed 140 million euros at the beginning of the campaign to be able to compete for all the titles. Among the signings is the -considered by some- the best striker in history Cristiano Ronaldo, who returned to the team that catapulted him to glory and winning his first Ballon d’Or.

The weak defense network, the lack of a game identity and the poor results in key matches they have been a constant for Solskjaer.

This season has been a shaky one for United: pair of painful defeats to Liverpool and City, as well as irregularities in the UEFA Champions League (UCL) in a group that should be of virtual ease for a workforce worth more than 900 million euros.

English media have long rumored that the Norwegian’s permanence as coach is due a little to the influence of the historic former English coach Sir Alex Ferguson, who recommended that the Glazer board respect the Solskjaer process, however they they look for good results comparable to the amount of money invested.

“We are very far from the title”: a historical criticized Solskjaer

Paul Scholes and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer shared a dressing room at Manchester United for almost 10 seasons, in which they won 13 titles including a UCL, so they are not strangers and have a certain closeness.

Recently Scholes used his spot as a commentator on English television to direct strong criticism against coach red due to the poor results he has achieved in the last three seasons.

“Are we really surprised with United being overtaken by Manchester City and Liverpool? I think the same thing will continue to happen, ”said the“ colorado ”recently.

He added that the signings made in recent seasons are not to build a game system or an idea of ​​football only “to put them in positions”, in a derogatory way the latter.

“Ole has been around for three years and we have come this far without knowing what he is going to do. That makes the recruitment of players almost impossible because you are not buying players for a system (…) 2 weeks ago it was shown that we are very far from the fight for the title, “added Scholes.

The options

If the owners of Manchester United have shown something, it is the little patience they have for the coaches. They are entrepreneurs looking for results that match their investment. These are the options to be the coach of the first team:

Pure history of Real Madrid on the pitch and on the benches. As a player he helped win a UCL (with a great goal included) and as coach won three consecutive European Cups. The feat would not have been possible without the help of Cristiano Ronaldo, leader of the merengue club in those years.

Recently The Sun assured that the report of ‘Zizu’ was in the offices of Manchester and is considered a good option since he is free, although it is unknown if he will want to train in England after leaving Real Madrid in what was his second stage.

Zidane won 11 titles among which the three Champions Leagues stand out in a row.
  • Brendan rodgers
  • Always present in the Premier League, Brendan Rodgers is one of the future to direct in Manchester. His extensive resume at clubs such as Watford, Liverpool and currently Leicester City (with a very good present) put him on the podium.

    Difficult option as Leicester is currently at the top of the table, so club owners wouldn’t let me make them so easy. The compensation to be paid would be very high.