Zodiac: Shakira is Aquarius and Jennifer López is Leo, very different yes, but because of their sign they have more in common than they think

Shakira is from the Aquarius sign, air sign. While Jennifer López is from the Leo sign, a powerful and fire sign. Both signs are very different from each other but they have a side that makes them similar in the end. That is, they always manage to find a common point.

To begin with, it should be noted that Aquarius together with Taurus, Leo and Scorpio symbolizes the revolution and its symbol represents the wisdom of being.

Here we share on the other hand a list of aspects that both Shakira and Jennifer López share in common through their zodiac signs:

  1. Leaving everything to the last moment is his favorite sport.
  2. They are independent and indomitable.
  3. They think they are the center of the world and that it revolves around them.
  4. They move their hands to speak, they are very expressive.
  5. They hate being told what to do.
  6. They are brutally honest.

The revenge that hits Shakira

As reported by Showbiz, in recent news, Gerard Piqué continues to chain controversies since he announced his separation from Shakira, who was his partner for 12 years, in a joint statement. Recently, the footballer was trolled by the owner of a Swedish restaurant who posted a photo of him with a mysterious blonde in revenge for allegedly refusing to greet his son, a great football lover.

The woman named Katrin Zytomierska has branded the famous athlete a “loser” in a social media post that has already gone viral. In the image he shared to teach him a lesson, Piqué can be seen in a hoodie next to the young woman in a white hat, who has not yet been identified.

“Listen to me loser @3gerardpique,” ​​Katrin, who is also a famous blogger and TV presenter in her native Sweden, assured him. “Probably most of the girls at this party want to xxxx with you. I see you and immediately think of my son. I was clear with you. I asked you to greet my son. You said no, because you are what? A guy who can dribble a ball? That Do not Impress Me Much. What makes me sad is that fame has gone to your head and that’s pathetic. You’re not that big of a deal, you’re just a boy with a ball. I myself have that, a boy with a ball. But you know that karma exists.”

The snapshot was taken on Friday night at a party that was part of an event called ‘Brilliant Minds’ that Pique had attended as CEO of his firm Kosmos. After the stir it has caused, its author has closed her Instagram account, but has been encouraged to chat with the Catalan journalists Lorena Vásquez and Laura Fa to explain why she took such drastic measures. According to her version of events, she asked Piqué if she could greet her son and he said no even after she insisted that the child would be very excited.

“He wasn’t rude, but he was a bit arrogant,” he clarified. “I guess because he is such a well-known footballer… but I hadn’t met him until then. Then I took the photo to post it on Instagram.” Katrin admitted that she had no idea who the soccer player’s mysterious friend was.

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