Zote soap Lady Zote soap company launches unexpected news

  • The soap factory ‘La Corona’ gave a powerful announcement about Zote soap
  • The woman called ‘Lady Zote’ would have been furious about the news
  • Honduran went viral last year for calling Zote soap ‘dog soap’

During 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, a 47-year-old Honduran woman named ‘Doña Isabel’ was nicknamed ‘Lady Zote’, thanks to an insult she made against the famous soap, created in Mexico and which she called ‘soap for dogs’. causing outrage by his words and the ranting video was made viral.

The woman received a pantry from the government of Honduras where the Zote soap came and the ‘Lady Zote’ received the nickname when she railed against the help they gave her and the products that came in the package, including the famous utensil in Mexico and that never it is lacking in the majority of the inhabitants of the Aztec country.

Lady Zote would be furious about the announcement of the company that created Zote soap


Now, the company ‘La Corona’, creator of the Zote soap, made an unexpected and shocking announcement about an important step in the famous product in Mexico, and that is that it will launch a new presentation, since it will not only be solid as everyone knows it, but it will now be available in liquids.

Three presentations will be launched and people on Facebook went crazy for the announcement of the liquid Zote soap that is already available to its customers on the company’s online page, which demonstrated their joy and enthusiasm for what it will represent for its users.

Zote soap will be available in liquids. Does Lady Zote take a cheap shot?

New presentation of Soap Zote

“We are very excited about this launch. Our liquid Zote comes in three colors: white, pink and blue ”, is the simple message that was published on the Facebook of the Mexican company ‘La Corona’, responsible for the creation of the Zote soap, which the now deceased Lady raved about so much Zote.

The characteristics of the utensil to wash clothes, face and even remove mold, among other things, is biodegradable, can be used in any washing machine, also by hand and will have, as usual, its powerful and characteristic aroma called Citronella.

Lady Zote ranted until she was tired

Zote soap in a new presentation

Lady Zote received endless criticism and mockery at her insults and words against the Zote soap that came in the pantry given to her by the Honduran government and it was not measured by saying: “Dog soap they sent us, see, this soap is for bathing dogs is not for people, what they sent is a shit… ”, he commented.

Doña Isabel, as her name was, continued to take the products out of the pantry furiously and ranting: “With this you don’t eat 15 days, look at Maldonado what they give, with this you eat only four days, no soap comes, no paper comes Hygienic, nothing comes, go, this shit … it does not work, this dog soap that they sent us, stop stealing money and look at how the people are suffering, he does not suffer because he has food in his house and one is eating Shu … ”, ended in the video Lady Zote.

Doña Isabel, died of diabetes or complications of coronavirus

Lady Zote dead

After her video, Lady Zote earned that nickname and insults from the Mexicans who consider Zote soap as the patrimony of the nation, in addition to having endless benefits and a very affordable price, but the woman never expected that life would give you a karma days later?

The 47-year-old woman allegedly died months after going viral due to complications from the diabetes she suffered, although others assured that she ended up infected with coronavirus and that COVID complicated her health along with the disease that afflicted her.

Karma? Lady Zote passed away after ranting against the famous soap

Zote Soap

They assure that the controversial Lady Zote died of coronavirus. Doña Isabel, originally from Honduras, became famous after she lashed out at Zote soap and said it was for dogs.

According to the SDP Noticias y Milenio portal, local media in Honduras reported the death of Lady Zote, 47, after losing the battle against the coronavirus, and the first reports indicate that she would have presented some complications with the disease, as he suffered from diabetes.

Would Lady Zote be furious at the news of the new presentation of the utensil?


The Honduran woman, who died at her home in the Reparto por Arriba neighborhood of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, leaves behind three children, who will be cared for by their relatives. Lady Zote’s neighbors described her as a “calm, honest and hard-working” woman. It should be noted that Doña Isabel’s family carried out the funeral services behind closed doors, and only her relatives and close friends were present.

It was only last April that Doña Isabel became famous after a video was released in which, upon receiving a pantry from the government of her country, she lashed out at Zote soap, which she said was a product for dogs and that it did not serve people.

Lady Zote would have died of coronavirus

They assure that the controversy died of coronavirus
They assure that the controversial Lady Zote died of coronavirus

On that occasion, Lady Zote said: “This shit… no use, this dog soap that they sent us”, which caused all kinds of reactions on social networks. Lady Zote did her thing again a few days later, but now for appearing in another video where she said the following:

“Good morning, aren’t you planning to get up to bathe with the dog soap, the Zote soap? Get up to bathe with the Zote Soap. Even if we are in quarantine, we must bathe with Zote soap ”. And after the death of Lady Zote was announced, which is said to be due to the coronavirus, netizens did not let much time pass to express their views.

The woman had provoked the fury of the Mexicans

They assure that the controversy died of coronavirus
They assure that the controversial Lady Zote died of coronavirus

On the Yo Deportivo YouTube channel, users expressed themselves as follows: “You never spit up, it can fall back on you”, “I am Honduran and the lady was uninformed and the Zote soap is very good”, “Yes I knew that it is the only hypoallergenic and biodegradable soap ”.

Some people went overboard with their comments: “Because of ungrateful, karma”, “For not using Zote”, “If they don’t have food, how do they have telephones?”, “For not washing their hands, how bad” , “He didn’t get the food.” For his part, one person expressed himself in the following way about Lady Zote: “Let us learn to be grateful for any help that is given to us and not to belittle what others really want to have, may she rest in peace.” TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE

Lady Zote bathes with the famous soap and sends a message (VIDEO)

He bathes with the famous soap and sends a message to Eduardo Maldonado
Lady Zote bathes with the famous soap and sends a message to Eduardo Maldonado

Lady Zote, the Honduran woman who made fun of the Zote soap, regrets her comments and takes a bath with it, and through a video on social networks she sends a burning and sensual message to the politician who sent them the aid, Eduardo Maldonado , who “falls in love”, but unleashes controversy among Internet users. As it will be remembered, through two videos, the woman, allegedly originally from Honduras, first complained about a pantry that the politician gave her, since it was not enough for fifteen days, in addition to pointing to the Zote soap as to bathe dogs, which generated great indignation and anger among Mexicans.

Then, in a second material, the woman baptized as Lady Zote, was again the target of criticism by mocking and sending a message to the Mexicans, proposed the challenge of bathing with the dog soap, which rekindled the anger against this person, that until now is not located or identified by name. Now, not happy with all the controversy caused in Mexico, the Honduran again uploads a third video that leaves people more dissatisfied. TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE

“I’m going to bathe with the Zote soap,” said the woman in a video

Lady Zote

Surprisingly, the lady appears in a laundry room with the famous Zote soap while sending the following message: “If I take back my trumpet Eduardo Maldonado, you know well from what I told you, well you know that only I love you my love, only I love you, I’m going to bathe with Zote soap ”. Lady Zote appears in a red blouse with a white tub and a bar of the characteristic pink soap, and she soaps her hair while rubbing it several times.

However, the question remains in the air as to whether the woman is from Honduras or Guatemala, since according to Noticias en la mira, the last name Maldonado has been related to Guillermo, a religious leader from the first country, while others believe that refers to Alejandro, president of the country of Guatemala in 2015, despite the fact that she literally calls him Eduardo. The truth is that the materials that Lady Zote uploads are increasingly controversial and penetrate deeper into the pride of Mexicans, who have heard complaints from Hondurans who have become famous such as the nicknamed Lady Frijoles and the new Lady Frijoles, two women who repudiate the food of this country.